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Patient Pleased with Care at Mon Health SJMH

WESTON, WV (December 10, 2021) - After living with excruciating pain for years and nearly giving up hope on finding an answer for her pain, Stacy Jarrett found the relief that she needed at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital with obstetrician/gynecologist, Dr. Robert Harris.

"Ever since I was 14, I have had female issues. I was told that I would not have children and thank goodness the doctors were wrong about that, I now have three. But the other problems I had were unbearable," said 31-year-old Stacy. "I would lose so much blood that I would become too anemic to even lift my head. And it seemed like the doctors were tossing me around and not really paying attention to what I was telling them. I was at the end of my rope because we couldn't live like this anymore. I needed to be there for my children."

Stacy decided to make an appointment with Robert Harris, MD, OB/GYN at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital at his office in Weston. Once she explained her medical history to Dr. Harris, he suggested an ablation of her endometrial lining. After receiving her ultrasound results, Dr. Harris instead suggested that Stacy needed a hysterectomy. There were polyps along with her severe endometriosis, making a hysterectomy her only option for relief. Although Stacy's husband felt nervous on the day of her surgery, Stacy felt at ease knowing Dr. Harris would be performing the procedure. What Stacy did not expect was the great care that she received from all the staff at Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, including the surgical and obstetric departments.

"Everyone was just great. Suzi, the nurse who prepared me for surgery was wonderful, as well as the nurse anesthetist, Jeanette, who was kind enough to keep my lip balm with her during the procedure. They would not allow me to keep the chap stick myself, but I have a terrible issue with chapped lips. Jeanette came to the rescue," Stacy explained.

During the procedure, staff made sure to keep David, Stacy's husband, informed at all times. The couple was very pleased to have a complete explanation before, during, and after the surgery. It reconfirmed their choice of physician and hospital.

"I was happy to be able to help Stacy. It was unfortunate that she suffered for so long with all of her symptoms. We are even happier that she received such great care here and that she was so pleased with everything," said Dr. Harris. "When I met her, my first consideration was to get to the bottom of all of her ailments. We are so happy to have done that."

"I do not have enough words to say how grateful I am for the care I received. Dr. Harris and his office team were just wonderful. I can't thank him enough for the care he provided me." To learn more about the OB/GYN services offered at Mon Health, visit


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