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Patient Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Policy
Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital's mission is to enhance the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time. As part of this mission, the hospital provides financial assistance for patients who received medically necessary services and meet the eligibility requirements under the hospital's Financial Assistance Policy.

Eligibility Requirements for Assistance Offered
Financial assistance may be offered to patients who are uninsured or underinsured based on each individual patient's ability to pay. Patients must fully comply with the application process including submitting required documents and applying for WV Medicaid.
Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (MH) will uphold the confidentiality and dignity of each patient, and any information submitted for consideration will be treated as protected information.
To qualify for Financial Assistance the following conditions must be met:
1. Patient is uninsured or underinsured.
2. Patient is not eligible for Medicaid or other programs to cover medical expenses.
3. Patient's family income is 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines.
4. Patient's service is considered emergent, urgent, or medically necessary.

Approval and Communication
Once all requested documents are received, the application will be reviewed. The hospital's highly-trained staff will work with each patient to ensure all documentation is completed. Within 45 days, an approval or denial letter will be mailed to each applicant.

Obtaining an Application
To obtain copies of the Financial Assistance policy and the application:
1. Visit Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH) and inquire with the hospital's Patient Access staff.
2. Go to SJMH's website at, select the Patient & Visitors dropdown, choose Financial Assistance, and use the link provided at the bottom of the page.
3. Call Patient Financial Services at 1-833-851-8335.

Financial assistance is limited to medical care provided at Mon Health (MH) facilities and by MH medical personnel. This policy excludes assistance for services that are elective in nature as outlined by the hospital's policy.

Click Here to find financial application.

Click Here to find financial assistance policy


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