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Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Receives USDA Grant

WESTON, WV (September 21, 2022) - Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital received a USDA grant from the Rural Development Emergency Health Care Grant Program in a ceremony on September 12. The program helps broaden access to rural healthcare services.

"Rural Health Centers and Hospitals are the backbones of our communities and provide vital services to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and maintain the health and well-being of our people," said Ryan Thorn, WV State Director for USDA Rural Development.

The grant award supported the purchase of twenty patient vital sign monitors. The hospital applied for the grant in October 2021, which allowed the devices to be purchased and implemented in July 2022.

"The $64,200 Emergency Rural Health Care (ERHC) grant provided to Mon Health Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital allowed for the acquisition of vitally needed patient monitoring equipment that improves the delivery of healthcare in Lewis County and beyond. To date, Rural Development has invested nearly two million dollars through the program to strengthen healthcare throughout West Virginia," said Thorn.

Vital sign monitors are used to gather data from patients and assist medical professionals in the evaluation and treatment of patients in the Emergency Department, Acute Care Department, and Intensive Care Unit. The devices enable monitoring of critical patient vital signs, including oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide, arterial pressure, and the heart's rhythm and electrical activity through an Electrocardiogram (ECG).

"We are very thankful that our partnership with the USDA for grant funding has allowed us to provide patient monitoring technology to care for our patients," said Kevin Stalnaker, Chief Administrative Officer. "The system we have installed with their support will provide cutting edge technology for our providers to be able to care for our sickest patients. The team at the USDA was fantastic to work with in this endeavor and I congratulate Mr. Thorn and his team in supporting our state with these stellar programs."

Also present at the ceremony were USDA staff members Mariah Hatton, Community Programs Specialist, Janna Lower, Community Programs Director, Rural Development, and hospital clinical and administrative staff.

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